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Melissa Mayo

August 27, 2015


Post by Melissa Mayo



I am a HUGE, HUGE fan. I have been collecting pieces from the range for over 20 years.

The Carrol Boyes range of functional art is a magical merging of everyday household items and art. Whimsical, radical, comical, mystical, magical… they are anything but typical. These stylish, funky talking pieces transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Made from the highest quality materials, no two pieces are alike, making them even more unique and special. …

I love the funny names of the pieces and I adore how they bring a sense of humor to entertaining and decorating. Holding a piece, feeling the fit and weight, you know the item will last a lifetime. And because they are made from pewter and aluminum, there is no need to polish them. In fact, the stainless steel items I can throw into my dishwasher.

The collection includes innovative, contemporary designs for the kitchen and home. Inspiration for the collection comes from the human body – beautiful no matter what the shape, size or form. The abstract pieces are inspired by modern cultures and ancient African civilizations and rituals.

Each 3 dimensional work of art is a timeless treasure. Fluid, functional, sensual, metalware sculptures reflect the metallic essence of each beautifully handmade item.

These conversation starters are treats for the eye, making them the perfect gift choice that will excite and delight for a lifetime. Luxury will never go out of style…

You can check out the website and order from Carrol Boyes… And follow along on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube

I am going to share with you my top 25 picks from the line with over 1500 pieces.


1. GLASS DECANTER SET-on the brink



2. WATER JUG – man





3. DRINK’S TROLLEY + ALO – mancb13

4. CHIP & DIP – laid back


5. CAKE STAND – a piece of cakecb23


6. MANDARIN DISH – men at workCB14_Eggs


7. MAGAZINE HOLDER – man – brown leather



8. OIL & VINEGAR Drizzlers – woman mancb48


9. CANTILEVER PLATTER – crouchingcb42


10. SALAD BOWL – manCB14_Bowls


11. SALAD SERVERS – Kisscb5


12. SALAD SERVERS PEWTER– woman mancb7


13. Cheese Board & Cheese Knife Woundupcb47


14. CHAMPANGE COOLER-the-thinkercb16


15. BREAD KNIFE- womancb32


16. ICE CREAM SPOONS- Assortedcb1


17. VASE LARGE – embraceCB14_Berries


18. COFFE MUG- Assortedcb36


19. CENTRE PIECE LG-quicksilvercb43


20. NOTEBOOKS – A4 A5 A6cb61


21. SCULPTURE- well balancedcb51


22. COASTER SET OF 2 – face-offcb12


23. RED WINE SET OF 4 – baobabcb8


24. SUGAR LADELS- assortedcb29


25. PIE SLICER – woundupcb26

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