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Melissa Mayo

August 22, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

Woooohoooooo. I am finally back home with my gorgeous family. My brain is too exhausted to think right now. Jetlag is a bitch but nothing a yoga class and green juice and some cuddle time with my peeps cannot fix.

I have done a lot of International long haul flights so I wanted to share some of my best travel tips with you:

  1.  Set your clock to the time of your destination and try sleep accordingly - packing an eye mask helps
  2.  Stay hydrated throughout the flight by drinking tons of fluids and avoid alcohol
  3.  Keep reapplying tons of moisturizer throughout the flight - I love CERAVE NIGHT CREAM and EVIAN SPRAY
  4. Get up and walk around and stretch every 2 hours ... yes I’m the crazy lady doing yoga in the galley of the plane
  5. Pack some healthy snacks. Airline food is loaded with salt. I love dried fruits and nuts, cut up veggies with hummus, biltong (which I couldn't find in Italy but I seldom travel without) and my favorite QUEST BARS
  6. Put NEOSPORIN or some antibacterial ointment inside your nostrils to avoid airborne germs and wipe down the surfaces of your seat and tray table with an antibacterial wipe
  7. Take a walk in the fresh air once you land
  8. Try stay up till at least 7pm at your destination
  9. Take melatonin before bed for a few days to help adjust your internal clock
  10. Get back onto your yoga mat or take a stretch class as soon as you can

I hope this helps. Safe travels ahead xxx Chef MM

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