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Melissa Mayo

October 27, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

You are the straw to my berry, the apple to my pie, the rock to my roll and the star to my night sky.

Saulie, how time flies. It feels like yesterday, that I first set my eyes on my handsome Tarzan. In that moment, I knew I’d spend my life with you.

Marrying you 16 years ago, was the smartest decision I ever made. It’s been a roller-coaster ride, with ups and downs, but together we have raised the most incredible daughter and had a blast.

You have made it your mission to drag us all over this gorgeous planet. You support, guide and protect us. And even though you work your ass off, you always show up for your 2 girls. Family comes first.

You have a wicked sense of humor and no one can make me laugh like you. We share a passion for nature and the ocean. I love nothing more than heading into the surf with you and riding the waves.

You have taught me not to take life and myself so seriously. Every moment is precious and meant to be enjoyed to the max.

I have never seen you lose your temper or gossip. You take pleasure in giving and enjoy watching others succeed. Just being with you makes me better.

Thanks for fixing me when I break and forgiving me when I get it all wrong. I am rich beyond measure to have my health, and my best friend and soul mate by my side.

Thanks for walking this road of life with me and for all the fun adventures. With you it really is La Dolce Vita. So, so, so, so, sweet. I love you most xxxx Wifey

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