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Melissa Mayo

April 11, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

So often I hear people complaining about the algorithms on social media and stressing over the numbers of followers they have and their likes on each post.

I for one have never given a crap about this. I mean, I wanted to hit 10K, so I could use the swipe up feature in stories, but I ran a promo and it definitely pushed my numbers over my target.

So ask yourself, why are you on social media? To keep up with friends or to build a brand? My husband, who I might add does not have social media, gave me advice 10 years ago I have never forgotten. Create QUALITY CONTENT.

And that takes work. I don’t have time to spend endless hours scrolling through my feed criticizing and analyzing other’s posts and comparing myself. Or worse yet, lurking in the shadows and just not taking part like a stalker.

I am out there every day liking, commenting and writing posts that resonate with me. Taking you on adventures in my stories so you can experience some of the cool paces and people I encounter.

My brand is not perfectly curated in Adobe or some other app to make it look uniform with perfect fonts, colors and texts. And shock of all horrors, I actually use my own voice to narrate. But the one thing is, it’s REAL.

I wish I had more time to comment on posts of those bloggers I most adore and photos of my family and friends. I’m always happy to give your work some love.

But I am a mom and a wife. So when I have a few minutes I use it to write and respond to my own audience.

I figure, you took the time to read my post and write to me. I need to find time to reply. And while I may not get to all of you immediately, eventually I do, cause I value my tribe so much. You inspire me.

So if you want to create, just DO IT. You have an amazing, unique voice. You have value to add to this world and something to say, so get involved. Stop spending endless, wasted hours just scrolling and create some magic.

Put something out there and your audience WILL find you. And please never measure yourself by numbers. If you can reach and help one person, that is plenty. Love, light and blessings xxxx Chef MM

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