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Melissa Mayo

May 21, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

I miss you already. Today, my incredible husband Saul heads back to Italy, to manage the build out of my Italian cooking school Susina Cucina, so it will be ready to open early June.

He and the contractors have been working furiously on the project in secret. I have not been copied on any of the emails or plans. All they have told me is that they have some surprises in store for me. So you can only imagine how excited I am to see the progress.

I have to pinch myself sometimes, when I think how lucky I am. I feel beyond blessed to have a soul mate that has made my dreams his own. This incredible human held down the fort and took care of Jade and the home while I went off to Italy to write my new book.

He listens to all my crazy plans and not once does he try to crush my ideas. Instead he gives me wings to fly. And he reminds me that no man is an island. It takes a village to be the best version of ourselves.

I hope you cherish those around you that lift you up and believe in you. I hope you tell them how much they mean to you. I hope you find ways to show your gratitude for the fact that they just show up every day to carry you and to cheer you on.

I want to remind you that I am part of your family, part of your tribe and I am always in your corner rooting for you. So dream big, impossible crazy dreams. Miracles are on their way to you right now xxx MM

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