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Melissa Mayo

February 3, 2020


Post by Melissa Mayo

Happiness is the smell of fresh baked challahs.

I love the whole ritual of making challah (a traditional braided bread for the Sabbath). Challah embodies the concept of taking something physical and elevating it to the spiritual.

The first time Jews observed the Sabbath, was when the manna fell for our ancestors as they wandered through the desert. We braid six strands, for the six days of the week preceding the Sabbath.

By braiding them, we are bringing those six days together, creating unity and harmony in our lives.. We are giving physical nourishment to the people who eat our challah. They are also being nourished spiritually with the ideas and blessing we instilled in it when we made it.

There are seven basic ingredients in a challah recipe; water (symbolizing the Torah), yeast (expansion and growth), sugar (sweetness and goodness), eggs (renewal of life), oil (rises to the top), flour (sustenance), and salt (discipline). The eighth ingredient is unique to each of us, our soul.

Making challah is one of the 3 mitzvot entrusted to the Jewish woman. You can find a recipe for it on HERE.
Shabbat shalom my angel. May your candles burn bright and may you only know blessings xxx MM

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