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Melissa Mayo

January 29, 2020


Post by Melissa Mayo

I want to share a quick story that happened to me last week. I arrived early to yoga and put my mat down in the front of the studio. Two ladies approached me and asked me to move cause I was in their spot.⁠

I said it was no problem, but mentioned to them that change itself is was quite refreshing. In no time at all I heard two men getting into a conversation with these ladies about how I was NOW in their spot.⁠

I laughed inside, but I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like drama, so I told all 4 of them I’d be happy to to move to a 3rd spot. They insisted it was OK, but the entire class I could feel their eyes burning into me.⁠

If you know anything about me , you will know I refuse to let other people ruin my joy. So I smiled back at them. But it made me realize that humans are creatures of habit. They love routine and doing safe and familiar things on repeat.⁠

Change is scary and unfamiliar. But true growth and expansion can only happen when we are brave and daring enough to leave the safety of the herd. When we ignore the group mentality and their opinions. When we move towards the unfamiliar.⁠

When faced with a fork in the road, I’m the person who doesn’t choose right or left. Instead I build a completely new yellow brick road. One that leads to my Oz. To the dreams and desires that burn inside my soul.⁠

Instead of feeling afraid, I realize that I’m not traveling alone. God walks beside me. I’m excited to be a pioneer, the first to blaze a trail into unknown territory. I know that with great risk comes great rewards.⁠

Anyone who ever made any valuable contributions was the first to try something new. So the next time you sense yourself getting stuck in the same old same old routine, make a conscious choice to mix it up. Be fearless and move way, way, way out of your comfort zone.⁠

And the journey ahead will be magical because you are following your souls fire. You are in charge of charting the course. Hold true to the knowledge that God is blessing your path. Love, light and blessings on this journey xxx MM⁠

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