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Melissa Mayo

February 3, 2020


Post by Melissa Mayo

Are you one of those people who thinks you’ll be happy when you get that big house, lose 20lbs, buy that fancy sports car, get the promotion, walk down the aisle, open your dream business or have 100K admiring and adoring followers on social?⁠

I have personally witnessed many people I know reach these goals. And they immediately start chasing after more and more. They will never be happy with all the treasures that lie before them at their feet.⁠

But real fulfillment doesn’t come from anything you can buy, own or achieve. It’s not a magic equation to solve or something that can be validated by anyone or anything outside of you.⁠

Real happiness is an inside job. It comes from being able to stand wherever you are RIGHT NOW and find peace and contentment with THIS MOMENT. So stop chasing something in the future to achieve bliss.⁠

Instead stand in your present moment and count all your blessings. The ones God placed before you. The fact that you have eyes that can see, lungs that breathe, your health, family and friends to share this journey of life with, a roof over your head and food on your table that grew from Mother Nature.⁠

It’s the million littte every miracles that He blessses us with that make us rich beyond measure. Stop striving for more and be content with what is. I guarantee you this moment will become joyous, wonderful and miraculous when you do. I love you most xxx MM⁠

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