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Melissa Mayo

May 31, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Yes, it is well and thriving in this gorgeous country. And its’ beautiful people make me smile from the inside and I instantly feel like I am home. Their sense of warmth and hospitality amaze me.

I flew through Paris Airport and I have never mastered the art of traveling light. You should hear Saul complain about the way I pack for a trip. Hahahahahha.

So, I was lugging 2 suitcases, my hand luggage and a handbag, packed to the brim with books and stuff for the cooking school.

Groups of men stood watching me struggle to get these up the escalator and onto the train. Dropping things every few steps. And none so much as acknowledged a damsel in distress.

Perhaps in our attempt to gain equal rights, women have emasculated and confused the hell out of men. Just a thought?

Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m boarding a plane to Florence. 3 men jump out of their seats to assist me with getting my bags into the overhead bin.

On landing, 2 more offer to help me at baggage claim, another helps me get on the shuttle to the car rental and then another helps me load up my car.

Italian men are a shining example of what it means to be a gentleman. I for one, welcome these simple yet chivalrous gestures and applaud the men of Italy.

Bravo xxx MM

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