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Melissa Mayo

September 9, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Three life lessons learned while trying not to drown…

This past weekend Saul and I took our first solo trip since Jade was born. We headed to San Diego for a an early anniversary getaway.

We both love the ocean, so heading into the water to see the leopard sharks in La Jolla seemed like a great adventure. He’s a strong swimmer and I feel safe as long as I can see him splashing just ahead of me.

But there was a huge six foot swell running and my breaststroke was no match for his freestyle. The rip tide was pulling me and I was exhausted from hours of swimming in place. I was swallowing lung fulls of water and starting to panic.

My 45 year old body was taking a beating and I was beginning to doubt I’d get out. And then Saul looked at me and told me to focus and clear my mind. He said get rid of all the mental noise and ignore the fatigue. You got this Melissa.

So I focused on the now and my breathing. The inhale and exhale. This helped me connect to my Source and it gave me courage knowing that I was not alone. As I pushed through the rush of white water, I told the rising nausea and fear to take a hike.

I saw myself safe and dry on the beach. Breathe by breathe I swam forward. It wasn’t easy and I have a new respect for the power of the sea. My limbs ache as I type this. But I never gave into the worry and doubt trying to cripple me.

I encourage you to do the same when faced with a difficult challenge. Do what the amazing Jay Shetty suggests and push cntrl alt delete

Control yourself

Alter your thoughts

Delete negativity


You will be amazed at the power these small decisions make, even when faced with a life threatening struggle like drowning. Try using them throughout your day to day life and watch the results.

Love light and smooth seas ahead as you aim for dry land my angel.

xxx MM

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