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Melissa Mayo

November 17, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

I’ve come full circle. 12 years ago we stayed at the Kaanapali Ali. Jade was 4 and I was watching her swim in the pool with floaties. I struck up a conversation with a man who mentioned he was an author,but I hadn’t heard of him. We chatted for 3 hours and that night I returned to the room to find 2 children’s books for Jade and one for me and Saul.⁠

Fast forward to 2016. I’d fallen into a deep depression cause my mom was in the last stages of cancer. Jade suggested reading me the kids books that used to make me so happy. And as she did I begin to smile. I Googled the author, only to find out that Dr Wayne Dyer, was the author of over 40 books. 29 which were NY Times bestsellers.⁠
I was fascinated that this man I’d met in the pool was so devoid of ego when he had every reason to brag. So I read everything he ever wrote, starting with the book he gifted me in Maui. INSPIRATION. It has him on the cover with a butterfly on his finger 🦋. And on the last day of writing my book, he came to visit me as a 🦋 and bless my work.⁠

My book is dedicated to him. And his daughter’s Serena and Saje were generous enough to give me their blessing to use their editor Alice. So before Miracles Manifested heads into the world, I wanted to come back to the magical place in Maui, where the seeds for my miracle were sown.⁠

A place where he wrote most of his books. And I can feel him every where. Remember there are no such thing as coincidences so keep your eyes open for the signs the universe is sending you butterfly 🦋🦋🦋

xxx MM

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