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Melissa Mayo

August 19, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Today I wanted to have a heart to heart chat with you, and share a personal struggle. For over a decade I believed the only way to create a successful business was to work hard. I’d test and photograph recipes, write posts and create content round the clock. Then I’d share it with you on my site, social or in one of my books. I would even talk about work during my down time. I was obsessed.

I relished the feedback and love you sent me. So I pushed myself to do more and more and more. I was petrified of asking for help or admitting that it was just too much. And then three years ago, my mom passed away and I hit rock bottom. I just couldn’t shake the pain or motivate myself. My happy place, my kitchen, became my worst nightmare. It brought up so many painful memories.

So I stopped pushing myself to cook and began focusing on self-care. I scheduled in time for meditation and walks in nature. I hung out with family and I only said yes to projects that brought me joy. I began spending a lot more time alone, quietly talking to my Creator. I did way less and daydreamed way more.

And the crazy thing is that everything I was seeking started showing up. I sent energy to my dreams. I began a daily gratitude practice. And the more I focused on my blessings, the more they showed up. I managed to co-create my ideal reality by letting go and trusting that the Universe would provide the awnsers.

I know how hard it can be to break out of a rut. That’s why I wrote my fourth book “Miracles Manifested”. I wanted to share the tools I used. But I had no clue that writing it all down would help me heal even more. I was able to inventory my entire life and identify patterns that caused me pain and toxic relationships, so I could move past them.

So I want to encourage you to start journaling TODAY. It can be in a book, word document, on your phone or even on a scrap of paper. But just get it out. There is something magical that happens when you write it down. The situation or person holding you prisoner no longer has power over you. You are free the instant you put it in writing. Try it and let me know if it helps.

Sending love, light and blessings.

xxx MM

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