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Melissa Mayo

May 31, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

💥 A dream written down with a date becomes a goal
💥 A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan
💥 A plan backed by action becomes a reality⁣

How many of you have goals you want to achieve but you just haven’t been able to make them happen?⁣

The first problem is that you are probably concentrating on too many things. To really get ahead, you have to have laser like focus.⁣

You wouldn’t drive off without first putting a destination in your GPS. So pick up a piece of paper and map the end point.⁣

Yes go get paper and pen and follow these steps. Then put the paper somewhere you can see it everyday. I like my bathroom mirror. ⁣

1) Write down only ONE GOAL you want to achieve

2) Detail exactly what success and achieving it would look like for you⁣

3) Identify the situations and people that waste your time, sap your energy and trip you up (social media, TV, negative people) and commit to avoiding them⁣

4) Write down a future date (WHEN) you want to achieve this goal⁣

5) Schedule time into your calendar every day (even if it’s just 30 minutes) to accomplish this goal. Don’t skip this important step. If it’s not a priority you won’t make it happen⁣

6) Put in the work, even if you are afraid to. Go out there and do it. It’s action not luck that turns dreams into reality.⁣

So feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY.⁣

I would love to hear more about the goals you are setting and the end date. Send me and email with your goals so you COMMIT TO IT IN WRITING.⁣

Think of this as your first step to being held accountable to achieve your dreams. I’m rooting for you and cheering you on to victory xxx MM⁣

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