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Melissa Mayo

February 11, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Today I choose to forgive myself for my mistakes. Today I choose to step boldy in the direction of my future. I release myself from my past judgements, from all my doubts and fears, my anger and my pain.

Today I embrace the uncertainty of the unknown. I will not let the heavy rocks of my past weigh me down. Instead I choose to use them to build a bridge to my dreams. I pave this new path with forgiveness, kindness, respect, love and trust. I acknowledge that I am not walking alone.

My creator walks alongside me and I am confident that the next chapter will be glorious. I leave behind my excess baggage and thank it for the lessons it has taught me. I release myself from any blame and all the pain, because it has helped me to become wiser and stronger than I ever imagined.

But I am done with it…. I no longer need it.  I let go of the things I am powerless to change. Today I chose to be light and free. I chose to live, to dance, to sing and to celebrate every glorious moment of the now. I am blessed with today and I choose not to waste a moment of it.

The ups and the down are all there for a reason. There are no mistakes. This life is full of so much magic. So embrace it and keep your eyes open so you can recognize the Divine blessings unfolding right in front of you.

Only love and light

xxx MM

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