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Melissa Mayo

August 9, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

My favorite day of the week.

And what a glorious week this has been. I finally opened the doors of my Italian cooking school Susina Cucina. What joy to fire up the pizza oven and watch my students instill the most important ingredient, amore (love), into their dough. What a thrill seeing them embrace the slow pace of Italian life over long lazy lunches.

In an ideal world there would have been lots of time for afternoon sisetas. But I have a deadline. So each day I woke up at 4am to work on my editor’s notes for my 4th book “Miracles Manifested” before teaching a 3 hour class.

Instead of cutting, I was so inspired that I added 20,000 words. I think my second shabbos soul helped out. The word count on the manuscript now sits at a a whopping 84,667. I hope you have a huge axe Alice Peck.

Thank you Alice for believing in me and for asking so many questions. Thank you for making me feel safe enough to break myself down to dust so I could visit the places I need to go to help others as I rebuilt myself.⁠

I want to remind you that you are braver and stronger than you know. I want to remind you that you are a child of Creation and you have wings, so use them to soar.

I just finished up a glorious afternoon swim. As I gazed out at the magical Tuscan landscape and the crystal blue waters, I smiled inside. I realized that I’m about to share my manifesting secrets with you. It makes me so happy to know you will be able to co-create your own miracles.⁠

I am emotionally exhausted and so excited to flick the off switch. It’s time for that nap. It’s time to thank G-d for all my blessings. Especially for allowing me to channel Him as I write. I hope you make a point of taking off a day and doing this too, no matter what your faith. ⁠

Shabbat shalom my angels. May your candles burn bright and may you continue to be blessed.

xxx MM⁠

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