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Melissa Mayo

April 26, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Surfing in the sunlight
Dancing on the sea
Nothing on my mind
Spirit so free

There is an entire chapter in my new book MIRACLES MANIFESTED dedicated to teaching you how to quiet your mind and live in the NOW. This is the only way you can attract miracles into your life. For me, surfing and swimming in the ocean is the gateway into the silence.

But no two humans are the same. You mind might get quiet racing down a mountain on skis, taking a yoga class, running a marathon, playing a game of tennis or cooking a delicious meal.

Start to become aware of the times when you feel the most at peace and your thoughts dissolve away. Use this time to talk with your Creator about your dreams.

Invite Him inside. He can be found in the silence. He can hear you and He is a great at listening. You are never walking alone. He’s always on your side cheering for you. Come to know this. Begin to trust this and you can create miracles in your own life.

xxx MM

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