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Melissa Mayo

March 9, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

Happy International Women’s Day to all you incredible, strong, vibrant and amazing women. The sisters, moms, daughters, friends, family and warriors out there making this world a better place with their voice, their energy, their passion and dedication.

I want to salute you and tell you how much you matter. It doesn’t make a difference if you bring home a six figure paycheck and own it in the board room or if you are a stay at home mom (one of the hardest jobs on planet earth) spending your days doing laundry and carpool.

You are beautiful and magnificent. So many lives function because of the tireless love and devotion you give to those around you. You are Wonder Woman and never forget that you are armed with super powers, even if you doubt it at times.

I want to send a shout out today to my late mom Eleanor. Thank you for instilling in me such an idiotic sense of confidence and self-worth. You raised a fearless, head strong, independent daughter who believed in her dreams. You showed me how to remove NO and IMPOSSIBLE from my dictionary. You taught me that anything was possible with hard work, determination and courage.

You showed me how to get up when I fell, how to brush myself off, learn from the mistakes and keep shuffling forward no matter how battered or bruised I was. You showed me that my wounds, scars and falls made me beautiful and unique and that kindness and generosity were the greatest weapons I had.

Thank you for continuing to walk with me mammela and being the voice inside my head as I try to raise a strong daughter. Thank you to my Jady Lady for forgiving your mom when I get it all wrong and for showing me what it means to be real, authentic and down to earth. You are a beautiful soul and you make me so proud.

I also want to thank you… all the girls that prop me up and cheer me on. The ones that laugh and cry with me. I’ve know some of you for decades and some just through social media. But that doesn’t change the fact that you make each day brighter with your friendship, love and support. We are soul sisters to the end.

I feel so blessed to be able to walk this road of life with you. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to be better and to try harder. Thank you for showing me what true humility and sheer determination can accomplish.

Thank you for making me just a little bit better than I was before you came into my life. I love you most

xxx Chef MM

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