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Melissa Mayo

August 22, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

And it doesn't need to cost a fortune. I've been using the same face wash and moisturizer for 30 years. You can find them at most grocery stores for around $12 for a 3 months supply.

In fact, when I did spend money on expensive anti-aging treatments I developed cysts. The retinols, peptides and serums with salicylic and glycolic acids, overstimulated my skin.

I actually developed acne in my 40's and broke out in huge bumps along my jaw line. It was very depressing and I couldn't stand to look in the mirror.

I finally threw out all the fancy expensive products and went back to the basics.

1) Get enough sleep - a minimum of 8 hours a day every day

2) Drink lots of water - 3 liters every day

3) Wear sunscreen and a hat - I suffer from darker pigmentation or melasma so I use Tizo Mineral Tinted Waterproof Sunscreen when I swim and La Roche Posay SPF 50 for the face

4) Use mineral make up that won't clog pores - I love Colorescience pressed powder and have used it for 15 years. It has zinc and SPF already in it.

5) Wash and moisturize your face every morning and night with a warm face clothe that will exfoliate - I love my Cetaphil gentle cleanser and Cerave AM and PM moisturizer

6) Eat plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and good fats and oils

7) Take a yoga class. The poses where your head is hanging downward have an anti-gravitational pull on your face. Or at the very least try hanging forward for 5 minutes every day with your head below your heart.

8) If you do have pimples don't touch or squeeze them. Never Ever. Dab it with hydrogen peroxide and try get a mini facial from a professional focused only on extractions.

9) Allow yourself 15 minutes of sun every day. Your body needs vitamin D.

10) Make sure to constantly wipe down your phone with antibacterial wipes.

I hope this helps
xxx Chef MM

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