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Melissa Mayo

February 19, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

TRUE FACT ABOUT ME… I have not watched the news in 20 years and I have never watched a political debate or speech ever.

I know, I know. You like my husband, think that this is not something to brag about. But I am not concerned with being ignorant. I choose to live this way, because doing so, gives me peace of mind.

I can clearly remember the day 2 years ago when Jade needed to watch the Presidential debate for school. It was around the time my mom was fighting her battle with pancreatic cancer. I remember sitting in my garden and watching the TV screen flicking through the window. Social media was flooded with wars and friends of mine were at war based on their political beliefs. They felt as if the fate of the world depended on which of these 2 mere mortals came into office.

But as I gazed out at the setting sun and all the magical colors that G-d had painted the sky with, I knew in an instant that the fate of the world was in His hands. He would decide who would live or die. And He confirmed my belief by sending a few floods, hurricanes, tornados and volcanos just to remind the world who is in charge.

You see everything that happens on this planet is all in Divine order. Why do I need to watch the news or put our faith in a man when we can put it in our Creator instead. The news is designed to stress us out. Governments want us to be afraid and filled with fear. But the truth is we are not walking alone. And all the despair and tears we shed will do nothing to change the conditions in the world. Everything is as it should be.

We are Children of G-d and if we can remain positive, upbeat and in the now, really seeing what He puts in front of us, we can effect real changes. We can add light to this world moment by moment, person by person. We can bring about small and lasting changes if we see ourselves as connected to everyone. If we look at our similarities instead of our differences and we meet every person with kindness.

So wishing you a Happy Presidents Day from someone who is glad to have a day off to head to the ocean in this gorgeous county. G-d bless the USA.

Love light and blessings xxx

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