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Melissa Mayo

October 18, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

This week was beyond crazy. It started off with the mammoth task of cooking, styling and photographing an entire Thanksgiving cookbook.

And it ended with 3 full days of networking at the "Digital Hollywood Conference". I am so ready for shabbos and a day off to recharge.

But as I rushed around chasing my tail and wearing a million hats, I realized that it is not talent that has got me this far in the game. It is blood, sweat, hard work and hustle.

I started this brand 10 years ago and as a team of one, there was no budget to hire people. And I am still flying solo, so if I need to master a skill, I learn it. YouTube videos and google can teach you just about anything.

But working for yourself, while balancing a family is a huge juggling act. So I had to set rules. And rule 1, 2 and 3 is FAMILY FIRST. Always. I am a mom and wife and then a career woman.

But if you are passionate about your work, you won't mind putting in 16 hour days, because you love what you do. So I want to remind you, that if you have a dream, and you are willing to work your ass of it, you will succeed.

You just need to put in the time and be patient. Hard work beats luck and talent so keep at it. I am only starting to see the downhill after a decade of perspiration.

So don't quit on yourself. Go out there and hustle and turn your dreams into your reality. You got this. Don't doubt your unique voice. You are a superstar. Go shine bright.

xxx Chef MM

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