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Melissa Mayo

August 27, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

There is nothing better than celebrating a long weekend with friends and family. Enjoying delicious and decadent desserts and a few cocktails.

But it can be very easy to over indulge. And then you find yourself feeling blah and sluggish after the celebrations. And you end up hating yourself the next day and playing catch up, in the week that follows.

So here are a quick few tips to help you enjoy the festivities but still stay healthy over the long weekend.


  1. Start out the day with some exercise. A walk, yoga class or anything that gets the blood pumping.
  2. Offer to make and bring a healthy salad or appetizer to the party. That way you know there will be something to snack on.
  3. Don’t show up at the party ravenous. Make sure to eat something healthy beforehand, like some nuts or veggies and fruit so you make smart choices.
  4. Make sure to hydrate the entire time. It is hot outdoors so drink plenty of H20. And if you are consuming alcohol make sure to have a full glass of water between each cocktail.
  5. Choose red or rose wine or simple cocktails over sugary cocktails. My go to drink is tequila, gin or vodka with soda and lots of lemon or lime.
  6. Try not to eat standing up. Eat mindfully. Make a small plate and sit down while you enjoy it.
  7. Load up on protein and veggies and salad first.
  8. Practice moderation. Allow yourself small servings of your favorite cheesy, carby foods and desserts. But be mindful of the portions. But don’t deprive yourself.
  9. Avoid eating too late. You want to stop eating at least 2 hours before you head to bed. A walk after a big dinner is a great idea.
  10. Enjoy the weekend and have fun. Life it too short not to be enjoyed. And if you do go overboard don’t beat yourself up. Just commit to healthier eating and a workout the next day.


Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend xxx MM

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