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Melissa Mayo

September 5, 2015


Post by Melissa Mayo

I was born and raised in South Africa, but I live in California. Whenever I get homesick I turn to my favorite photographer Heinrich Knoetze. His amazing images transport me back to my birthplace.

Heinrich Knoetze 2

The red earth of South Africa, the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, the winding mountain roads and gorgeous beaches and sunsets of Cape Town, the amazing food and vino in the Winelands and the crashing waves, sugar cane fields and open spaces of Natal.

Campsbay - Lionshead Double (1 of 1)

Garden of Lionshead (1 of 1)

Sunset Canola (1 of 1)

South Africa comes alive through his work. I can feel the breeze, taste the warm salty ocean air, hear the sounds of the city and smell the braaivleis. So I am so excited Heinrich has agreed to let me share some of his work with you.

Vinyard 1

St James Huts

Before we get to his beautiful photos I wanted to ask Henrich a few questions.

MM: How did you end up with a camera in your hands?

HK: I’m a Graphic Designer in the retail sector but have a great love for photography. I reside in what I believe to be the most beautiful city on the planet, Cape Town. I spend most of my days and weeks exploring and discovering new places.

MM: What is your photography style?

HK: I would say I really love landscapes (the bigger the better) but I love to be creative and bring in elements from time to time that make the image interesting and fun.

MM: You have a huge following on Instagram. Tell me a bit about your success.

HK: I started Instagraming 2 years ago and have a passion for posting the perfect “gram”. Having a username like @Instacptguy (Insta Cape Town Guy) puts some pressure on one self to showcase Cape Town and all she has to offer at its best. Whether it may be chasing down a sunset or sunrise, hiking up and down mountains and valleys, I am always up for an adventure and exploring. There is so much still to see and discover and no place visited twice is ever the same in the eye of a capturer.

MM: What advice would you give to foreigners visiting South Africa for the first time?

HK: Get ready for an experience of a lifetime. Be open to explore and discover new things. Sometimes as tourists, we get all hyped up about doing one thing after the other. Take your time and enjoy the moment you are in.

Under Cover Lionshead (1 of 1)

Tablemountain from Lionshead Path (1 of 1)

Sunset on Lionshead (1 of 1)

Sunset Canola Road (1 of 1)

Sunrise CPT (1 of 1)


Johannesburg City (1 of 1)

Johannesburg on Nelson Manela Bridge (1 of 1)

Lionshead Lonely Tree (1 of 1)

Flyby Signahill (1 of 1)

Cape Town Arts and Crafts 1 (1 of 1)

Cape Town Arts and Crafts 2 (1 of 1)

Cablecar on Tablemountain (1 of 1)

Cape Point (1 of 1)

Campsbay Tidal Pool (1 of 1)

Durbanville Farms

City of Mist - Cape Town (1 of 1)

Cape Town Nightlife (1 of 1)


Rocking the daisies in Paarl (1 of 1)

Blouberg Moods (1 of 1)

Houtbay (1 of 1)

Moody Chapmanspeak (1 of 1)


Spring (1 of 1)

Stop in Durbanville (1 of 1)

Cape Winelands

Sunrise in Bouberg (1 of 1)

Heinrich’s images are available for purchase.
You can check out more of Heinrich’s work on his website

You can also follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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