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Melissa Mayo

September 20, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

As human beings, we tend to forget the good things others have done FOR us and we remember the bad things done TO us instead.

This is normal, but in order to become a better person we need to wage a war. A so called battle that involves fighting our innate human nature.

A man died... He realized it, when he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in His hand. He pleaded with G-d saying he was not ready. He had lots of plans and things to do.

G-d replied it was time to go. The man asked what G-d had in the suitcase. G-d replied, "Your belongings". G-d explained that his clothes and money belong to the Earth, his memories belong to time, his talents to Divine Providence, his friends and family belong to the path he travelled, his wife and children belong to his heart and his body belongs to the dust.

Then surely I will take my soul he asked. G-d replied "You are mistaken son. Your Soul belongs to me". The man in tears in a broken voice asked G-d, "So I never owned anything. What was mine?" ...G-d replied, "Your choices. Every choice you made was yours".

So I encourage you to fill each moment with meaning. Choose to act kindly to others and in every moment try to know and act like G-d. Life is the choices of the moment. Live it... Love it... Enjoy it...

xxx Chef MM

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