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Melissa Mayo

January 5, 2020


Post by Melissa Mayo

⁠Monday, January 6th, 2020 is #JewishandProud Day. Join us in this worldwide show of Jewish pride.⁠

⁠People often tell me to be careful and do less posts about being Jewish. They tell me not to wear my Star of David. Some people have suggested, I edit references to my Judaism out of my book. Even my late mom, was afraid of me proudly proclaiming my faith. But I used to tell her, if they don’t like Jews, they shouldn’t follow me.⁠

⁠The truth is that Hashem protected us in Egypt, He provided for us in the desert for 40 years, He gave us the 10 commandments – a code to live by that is based on being kind and generous to all Creation. ⁠

⁠France, England, Hungary, Holland, Poland, Russia, Germany and the Arab world at one time or another tried to get rid of us. We endured the suffering of the holocaust.  I actually believe I perished in it in a prior life. But we are here now, in the time of Moshiach.⁠

⁠Our goal is to be as He asked us to be… a light unto all the nations. And to unite every single soul. And the way to do this is with faith rather than fear. Love instead of hate. I feel as if He is walking with each of us and protecting us. And He doesn’t want us to dim our light out of fear.⁠

⁠Some call me ignorant cause I don’t watch the news, follow politics or read the paper. But I think the media are trying to instill fear in us. Instead I put my faith in Him and trust that just as the mezuzahs protected our homes from the 10th plague, they continue to protect us.⁠

⁠And I am proud to be Jewish and be a solider in His army fighting for good, justice and peace. I am here to use every day to bring heaven down to earth so it is a place God wants to dwell.⁠

⁠So stand with me.  Tomorrow wear a kippah, a necklace with a Magen David, Chai or Hamsa, a t-shirt written in Hebrew or anything else identifiably Jewish, and exhibit your Jewishness publicly and proudly.⁠

⁠Our ancestors didn’t survive slavery and the holocaust and wander around the desert for 40 years hide in the shadows and to be taken down by antisemitism. Hate is the enemy ❤️ Let’s meet it with love  xxx MM⁠

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