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Melissa Mayo

May 21, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky – Rabindranath Tagore⠀

This past week I began rewrites for my new book “Miracles Manifested”. This book was channeled from a Higher Power, the same one that painted this master piece.

And I have made the decision not to chop it apart or be afraid of using the word G-d in fear it might shrink my audience. After all, He put the words on the page. This is His book.⠀

But I also realized that there were some stories I was not brave enough to include in my first draft cause they hurt too much. But these stories are essential to make the book the best it can be. And so I have faced down my biggest fears and I have begun the process of putting them down on paper.

Sometimes we need to share the darkness so that we can show others the way to the light. Thank you to my amazing and favorite cousin Jennifer Teitelbaum, for helping me find this courage.

You know the whole story and I know together we will weave the past into the present and still honor the memory of my late parents. I am so grateful that you showed me why my truth is important.⠀

Thank you for being in my life. You have been like a second mom to me. You were the first person to believe in me and my talents. The first person to put me on a stage even though I was four and so much younger than your other students. I know I drove you nuts following you around but I have always looked up to you. ⠀

So it feels like butterflies, miracles and rainbows are dancing all over this book now. I am so blessed to have you on my team. I love you most xxx Melinda Loo

PS: that is the nickname she gave me when I was just a kid and it still makes me melt inside when I hear it roll off her tongue. Do you a special family member or a nickname that makes you smile from the inside. I’d be so honored if you shared it with me

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