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Melissa Mayo

February 8, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

Everyone else is already taken. And you are enough. You are perfect.

So be okay, with where you are right now. The only person you should be trying to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come to the surface. You don’t need to push them down and hide them. Remember that a flower cannot grow with having it’s roots firmly anchored in the dirt.

Every challenge you are facing is an opportunity for real growth. Be accepting of any struggle on your path. Thank it for the lesson it’s here to teach. Be grateful for all the road blocks put there to redirect you to the path that is meant for you.

And sometimes you will have to say farewell to people that were traveling with you. But even the goodbyes are part of your journey, no matter how hard they feel at the time. Allow yourself the space to grieve them and carry the happy memories with you. Let them be the light and energy that rises up to meet your footsteps on your new adventure.

As I always like to remind you… You are never walking alone. He is always with you steering your ship towards calmer waters. Send love to the rough seas and the raging storms. May the wind catch your sails and carry you as you chart your own course to your own paradise.

Each of us us has a different treasure we are seeking but finding it is absolutely possible. You just need to believe in miracles. Ahoy my angels. Safe travels

xxx Chef MM

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