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Melissa Mayo

March 16, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

I’m ecstatic that I am over the flu. The past few days in bed gave me some much needed downtime. In the silence I reflected and have a few things I wanted to share with you that came out of the stillness.

1. Our body is a gift from our Creator. We need to look after it with good healthy food, daily exercise, lots of water and plenty of rest.

2. Our physical body is just a vessel. It is finite and it will age and change but our unique spark of G-d that dwells inside is ageless and eternal. It has no beginning and end.

3. So it’s more important to take care of our souls. We need to water our insides with kind, loving thoughts. We need to fill ourselves with positive energy and light.

4. To take care of our soul we need to reconnect with the Source that created us. We need to plug into the Divine light that is all things and recharge our batteries.

5. The only place we can do this is in silence. The quiet space most of us are deathly afraid of going to.

6. Our minds create a nonstop stream of thoughts that are chaotic and hard to quiet. We are not good enough, we are no pretty enough, we are not rich enough, we are not enough. Well tell those thoughts to shut the F—k up and be silent. Send away all those thoughts that don’t bring peace and harmony to your being.

7. Send away people that don’t make you feel good about you. The ones you feel drained around or that don’t wish you well. Step away from them and send them love and pray for them as you exit through the gift shop stage right.

8. Accept that falling down and stumbling make us human and unique. The true mark of courage is getting back. Embracing the setback and rising strong knowing that everything is as it’s meant to be.

9. Never ever quit on your dreams. They are yours and totally possible so hold onto them. Stop discussing them with those that don’t see your vision and instead partner with your Creator to make them happen.

10. Share your light with everyone around you. The more you give away the more room you create for blessings to arrive in your life. There is enough to go around and when you wish well for others you are in fact bringing the power of magic into your own life.

I hope these 10 points resonate with you. Thank you always for taking the time to read my mumbo jumbo and for being in my tribe.

xxx Chef MM

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