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Melissa Mayo

March 30, 2020


Post by Melissa Mayo

“That we must love one God only is a thing so evident, that it does not require miracles to prove it.”….Blaise Pascal, Thoughts

One of the most inspirational stories from the Bible illustrates this “feeling as if the miracle has arrived” concept. It is the reason I keep my own tambourine next to me as I write, to remind me of all the miracles God has blessed me with over my life and the ones He continues to send me each day. It is the story about the blind faith of Miriam and her magical tambourines.

During the time the Jews were enslaved in Egypt the men grew angry and despondent. They were whipped and beaten as they performed hard manual labor. Their days seemed endless. They were broken, weak, and tired. They had lost all faith.

The Jewish women reminded the men that God would protect them. And while the men were complaining and losing hope, the women never did. They felt inside that their Savior would come and redeem them and place them on the road that would lead to their ultimate freedom. These women believed in miracles so much that they made tambourines to celebrate the exodus ahead of time.

When the day finally came for the Jewish women to leave Egypt and follow Moses, instead of rushing to pack food and other supplies for their journey across the desert, they packed their tambourines. And they played their music loud and proud, they banged their instruments as they danced and sang their way to the Promised Land.

It was solid faith that kept their fires burning all the years of hardship. They had embraced the feeling of being free long before it arrived. And it was this same blind trust that allowed them to keep walking across the desert for forty years.

That’s a long time to spend wandering around sand dunes with no clue if they you’re headed in the right direction. I mean come on, I get aggravated if I miss a turn off on the Freeway and have to make a 10-minute detour. I’m forty five and if most of my life was spent back tracking and literally walking in circles, the chances are high that I would lose faith.

Miriam and the women followed Him knowing He would continue to provide for them. And every day, God affirmed their faith from above. He rained down manna on the Jewish people for forty years. And this manna sustained them and no one was sick and no one went hungry.

They embraced the knowing that they were already in the Land of Milk and Honey. Moving one step in front of another, they felt it. They believed in the miracle before it arrived. This is what it is like to feel your dream realized. This is the secret weapon that brings the miracle home.

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May your home and heart be full of all of Hashem’s blessings.
xxx MM

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