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Melissa Mayo

May 21, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Body image is a tricky thing. I spent most of my teens and 20’s hating my curves. If truth be told I really only starting liking the way I looked in my 30’s and now in my 40’s, I am proud that I can still rock a bikini.

But this post is inspired by a rant I want to direct at BRANDY MELVILLE. This past weekend, I took my stunning, teenage daughter clothes shopping. She is a gorgeous woman with long legs and a beautiful body.

But she’s tall. She takes after her dad who is 6.4. I’m a size 5 shoe, she’s a 9. I’m 5.3″ she’s 5.8″. So although she is magnificent, she’s not a sample size. But she is definitely not fat.

The ladies at the store brought us about 15 pieces to try on. But what they didn’t say was that their items are one size fits all. And that they will ONLY FIT if you are a SIZE 00 or 0. I am so grateful I was there and that my daughter has a healthy body image.

But the teenage years are tough. And I wondered how many young girls, shopping alone, had ended up with low self-esteem, depression and a possible eating disorder in the making after a visit to their store.

All I can say as a mother is SHAME ON YOU BRANDY MELVILLE. You should clearly advertise you only fit zeros. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you have any similar experiences or opinions you want to share xxx MM

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