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Melissa Mayo

April 11, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Most people, whether they admit it or not, are ruled by the clock. From hating to stand in a long line, fuming at a slow morning commute, and rushing to make meetings on time, to finding little time for relaxation and intimacy in one’s relationships—the evidence of “time sickness” is everywhere.

It’s not easy to escape this vicious circle, because the harder you fight to beat the clock, the more your frustration will build. The secret is to take back control of your time, which means that the things that actually matter to you should be given more time, while the things that don’t matter should be minimized. Until you reclaim your priorities, the clock always wins.

PIANO PIANO PIANO…. a very common Italian phrase you hear everywhere. It translates loosely into slow, slow, slow.

And it’s an Italian way of life. Just try renovating a house in this country. Hahahaha. I find it hysterical when friends arrive and you can see their tempers flaring at the literal pace that people walk, talk and do things here.

I chuckle watching them trying to rush the car in front or a meal in a restaurant. They are infuriated by the concept of a mid-day siesta. How can things close in the middle of the day when they need to get something done?

Granted, it has its draw backs and can be frustrating. I’m trying to get some work completed with my contractors before my family arrive. Not likely, but what can you do?

But on a whole this approach to life is probably my favorite thing about the Italians. They are not ruled by a clock. They are not slaves to the seconds, minutes and hours ticking away each day. They are in control of time…. which means that they make time for the things that actually matter to them. They prioritize and don’t ever let the clock win.

Studies have shown that those who wear a watch actually age faster, so try focusing less on the passing of time and more on the experiences in front of you in this moment xxx Chef MM

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