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Melissa Mayo

September 5, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo


Each year as the shofar sounds, I cannot control the flood of tears and emotions that pour out of me.

Truth be told, there is no sound on planet earth that can crack me wide open like the shofar. It's a guttural, primal sound that comes out of a hollowed out rams horn.

And it pierces my soul and causes my body to break out in racking sobs. So I wear waterproof mascara and carry a bag full of Kleenex to synagogue.

But I've always been confused about the effect it has on me, so I asked my Rabbi to explain.

In short, the shofar is the sound of G-d’s voice speaking to the very core of our souls. And by listening to it, our reunion with G-d begins anew.

Yeah, the apple and honey and holiday meals add to the chag. But the essence of the holiday, is based around hearing the sound of the shofar.

Medical studies have demonstrated the powerful effect, sound vibrations have on the energy of ALL matter.

And this is one of the most powerful sounds. So make sure to listen to the tekiah, shevarim and teruah. A total of 100 blasts or voices each day.

Rosh Hashanah is not just a Jewish holiday. It is the birthday of humankind. The birthday of the world and creation. The beginning not only of this New Year, but of all previous years.

On it, we can reach back into time and change all that has passed. He is the Author, but He allows us to edit and adapt our story and rewrite the plot.

We are empowered to transform our destiny and the destiny of all creation. Through us darkness can become a flame of light. Because at every moment, life is born a new.

You are the master of how this moment and New Year will reborn. And miracles are everywhere.

May you only know blessings, simcha and mazel. And may you and your families be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year. Shana Tova. I love you most xxx Chef MM

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