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Melissa Mayo

October 9, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

Over the years I have found that the best work comes out of me when I am inspired. And there really is no better inspiration than a good dose of Mother Nature. She is hands down the best therapy around.

Today I was just floating around in the swell. It's always been my happy place where I come to think and heal.

And as I watched the surf, I realized that unlike humans, waves don't think they are better or luckier or more special than the next wave. They are part of the whole ocean and connected to their Source.

We are just like the waves. We don't have a finite beginning or ending. We are all part of the whole of Creation. Connected, infinite and eternal. And each of us has the same essence of G-d flowing through us.

When we think of ourselves and separate from each other, our EGO is steering our boat. We have disconnected from our Source. But the problem is that our EGO has its’ own agenda.

It wants to conquer and win. It wants more. It needs to be fed. But in its’ quest to defeat it is unconcerned with us being at peace.

Peace comes from realizing that there is no place where you stop and I start. Just as the waves can't separate themselves from each other, neither can we. And this means we aren’t walking this path alone.

We all have a purpose to find our light and shine it and share it with others. When we do, we can tap into the abundance of the Universe and use its’ energy to manifest miracles

xxx Chef MM

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