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Melissa Mayo

May 28, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Stop judging others. G-d gave us a code to live by. A simple set of rules called “The 10 Commandments” and these laws help us honor and respect our fellow man.⠀

One of them is to love thy neighbor. He wants each human to be kind to one another. Make your time on this earth and your life count. Begin to see your neighbor as a part of you.⠀

You have a Divine mission placed into your soul. To fulfill this mission you need to find a way to share your light with others to illuminate the darkness that plagues our world. You have a choice. You can always choose love and peace over everything else.⠀

In order to tap into the Divine energy that creates miracles, you will not only have to embrace the existence of a Source that is pure love, but you will also need to begin to behave and act in a way that resembles G-d.⠀

He doesn’t use force when he transforms a tiny pit into a towering plum tree. He doesn’t pick favorites amongst His children. He is generous with all creation. And so should you be. Share your blessings with the world.⠀

xxx MM

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