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Melissa Mayo

August 22, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

It’s impossible to be angry and laugh out loud at the same time.

Unlike a smile, grin or a chuckle, a full on belly laugh comes from inside your soul. It bubbles up, spills over and lifts the energy of all who hear it.

When faced with a difficult, trying situation or person, laughter is literally the cheapest medicine available to you.

In fact it is so effective, that yogis in India have created practices where the students merely laugh out loud. And the effect on overall mood and the health of the group is greatly improved.

A good laugh is contagious and infectious. So try these tips next time you’re feeling down or stressed

1) Rent a Funny Movie. I love “Don’t Mess with the Zhohan” or anything with Steve Martin or Goldie Hawn.

2) Sit in a quiet spot and laugh out loud from your belly for a full 5 minutes.

3) Watch a standup comedian special… Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor are my best.

4) Call your funniest friend and make time to meet for coffee.

5) Hang out with a little kid or a pet.

6) Watch your favorite sitcom. The TV show FRIENDS always does the trick for me.

7) Resolve to laugh and smile more every day and set reminders.

I hope these suggestions bring a lot more laughter and happiness into your day to day lives. I am so blessed and grateful to have such an incredible community that always makes me smile. I love you most.
xxx Chef MM

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