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Melissa Mayo

January 21, 2020


Post by Melissa Mayo

Most people think of Monday as the first day of the week. But if we look at the story of creation … day 1, aka ground zero for Him was Sunday.

Just like a tree needs strong roots to rise up and grow, I need a rock solid game plan to ensure the week ahead will run smoothly.

So here are a few things I do every Sunday to set me up for success.

1) Exercise – I get outside and get moving. I head to the beach, the canyons or take a walk around my neighborhood to get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing. During this time, I set a few big goals for the week ahead.

2) Make a To Do List – I open up my calendar and review the family and work commitments I’ve agreed to. I add blocks of time to tackle the big projects and goals I set on my walk. I also add in workouts and time for phone calls, meetings, emails, admin and content creation. If it’s not written down, chances are it’ll get lost in the shuffle

3) Market run and meal prep – I head to the store and do my big weekly shop. I stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables and lean proteins. Read more about my weekly shop. I then come home and marinade, cook and prep the ingredients. You can find over 350 free recipes on my website. This ensures I have a weeks’ worth of healthy dinners. I also cut up tons of healthy snacks to keep in the front of my refrigerator so they are the first thing I see when I open the doors.

4) Spa Party – this is the part of the day where I take a long bath, put on a hair and face mask, and jump into my pajamas. I cozy up with my favorite book or watch a movie with Saul and Jade.

5) Shut it all down – I do my best to get an early night. I aim for around 7 or 8pm. I always feel like if I wake up bright and early at sunrise (yes before 5am) on Monday I’m ahead of the game. I can start off the week calmly feeling well rested with a clear mind.

Give these tips a try and let me know if they work for you. May the road rise up to meet your feet whenever they wander. I love you most xxx MM

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