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Melissa Mayo

May 30, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Sometimes you just have to ride the waves you are given…

And in the water, I find my true direction. Saul and I have spent many years chasing the right break. Sometimes the swell is rough and stormy and we end up getting dumped and tossed around.

Other times the ocean is as flat as a pancake, and we end up lying on our boards for hours waiting for a wave that never comes.

But no matter what, we never give up. We work with what the Universe is sending us. We make the most of the conditions. We definitely don’t take it too seriously and instead just have fun.

This is a good way to live life. Once you recognize that everything on your path is exactly as it is meant to be, you will stop fighting it and just allow it to be.

You will become the observer and see that you have no control over the events and people around you. The only thing you can do is change the way you react to them. You always have a choice.

I feel honored, humbled and grateful that my almost 45 year old body can still ride the surf. My body aches but I embrace the pain. Nothing makes me feel more alive than the ocean. Wishing you a magical day my loves xxx MM

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