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Melissa Mayo

March 18, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

Everything in the world,Whatever it is and whatever happens, Is a test, designed to give you freedom of choice. Choose wisely ....REBBE NACHMAN

Last night I watched the “Prince of Egypt” and it got me thinking about the whole story of Passover.

I mean the Jews left Egypt and blindly followed Moses through the dessert for 40 years. That is a long time. It’s almost as long as I have been alive and they spent it wandering around sand dunes with no clue if they were headed in the right direction. Back tracking and literally walking in circles. I mean come on, I get aggravated if I miss a turn off on the Freeway and have to make a 10 minute detour.

They were living in tents and the only food on offer was the manna that dropped down from heaven. Yet their bodies were perfectly nourished and well fed. There was no intolerance to food groups. There was only one food. And on the Sabbath 2 perfect portions appeared from the heavens.

They didn’t have material possession to clutter their lives and everyone worked together as a community. The operated on FAITH. The blind belief that wherever they were headed was the correct destination. The events they were facing and the struggles and challenges were all in order. That He would provide them whatever they needed.

They trusted that G-d’s plan worked. And this is such an important concept to grasp if you want to live a life connected to SOURCE ENERGY.

You see, we all contain a spark of Creation. By the mere fact we are breathing, we have His energy flowing inside us. He created us from energy to be a perfect and unique being. We are His children and He wants the best for us.

When we let our ego enter the equation then we start thinking we know better. We question G-d’s plan for us. Man was given freedom to CHOOSE. Do we trust in His plan and let the Universe flow? Or do we let our ego take over and tell us we know better than the Source of all Creation?

The truth is His plan works. Everything that happens is as it is meant to be. I choose wisely. I choose to trust in Him and let blind faith lead the way to a road paved with blessings. I hope you do too

xxx Chef MM

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