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Melissa Mayo

June 21, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life…Charles Darwin

If I only had the time, I’d…. FILL IN THE BLANK?

Are you one of those people who uses a lack of time as an excuse not to do something you have always dreamed about?

But is time really the issue? Is that why you are avoiding following your passion? Or are you just afraid of failing?

What if there was no such thing as failure? What if success was a certainty? What if it was guaranteed? Would you find the time?

The first time you tried to walk you probably fell flat on your face. But you got back up and tried again and ignored your fears or the fact that until this moment you had never stood.

If you had been too afraid of the new, the different, the unknown, you would still be crawling around on your toochis.

I am asking you to suspend all doubts and know in your heart that you have never failed at anything and you never will. What you might think of as mistakes or falls are the very moments out of which you learn and grow.

How many times did the Wright Brothers crash in their attempts to fly a plane? And aren’t you glad they persisted? The same can be said for any new inventions and technology.

We all have the same number of hours in a day and we are in charge of how we spend them. I am urging you to carve out just a little time to make room for something you love. Let’s call it your Passion Project.

Even if it means getting up an hour earlier or watching less TV, don’t be that person who is too busy to make room for what they love?

Love you most xxx Chef MM

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