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Melissa Mayo

April 24, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo


What a year this has been. A roller coaster of ups and downs. Struggles and victories, joy and pain. And I don’t regret a single second of it. I am grateful for all the lessons I learned along the way, and all the goals I achieved.⁣

After four and half decades, I am still growing, changing and evolving. I’m a constant work in progress, but I am ENOUGH. I accept myself as I AM. I may not be perfect, but I AM better today than I was yesterday. A step in the right direction is all I strive for. Small day to day progress is plenty for me.⁣

I am unconcerned with reflecting on my mistakes. I don’t regret the struggles I had to endure. I trust in the lessons that they have taught me. I don’t compare myself to others or my former younger self. I am unconcerned with what others think of me.⁣

I have a choice. And I choose to reflect on my victories not my defeats. I judge myself in the quiet, before my Creator. I am only concerned with what He thinks of me and how I can serve Him. This is my mission. This is why I am here.⁣

And He has blessed me with so much abundance. This year He helped me realize my dreams. We renovated the most gorgeous home in Lucca Italy and this summer I will open my cooking school Susina Cucina.⁣

I also went in a brand new direction. I followed the voice that spoke to my soul. I ignored all the fear and doubt as I marched off down a brand new path. And He paved the way for me. He allowed me to put 65,000 words on the page in ten days. A miracle.⁣

I feel so honored to be His scribe and I am so grateful He placed this work in my heart. The book was channelled and I cannot wait to share “Miracles Manifested” with you. The secrets will give you the tools to rewrite your story and create miracles in your own life.⁣

Thank you for being in my tribe and for loving and accepting me. Thank you for giving me courage to be real, authentic and flawed. Thank you for making me feel brave, safe and protected. You are the best family I could ask for. I adore you and I always have your back. This year is going to be epic xxx MM⁣

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