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Melissa Mayo

September 14, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

One of the most common questions people ask me is how they can overcome fear? How they can find the courage to take a risk, knowing that there is a chance they might fail?

And I always respond with another question? What would you do if you couldn’t fail? If there was no risk of falling down or losing? What would you do then? You’d go for it. Right?

As humans we are conditioned to fear failure. But it is the falls that pave our path with lessons we can grow from. It is the battle scars that shape us and make us stronger.

Everything significant I’ve ever accomplished, has involved change and a couple of scrapes and bruises along the way. As scary as it seems, change allows us to expand and grow.

It far better to jump in living with both feet and experience whatever life throws your way, than to stand on the sidelines fearing the worst.

Cause what is worse than ending up at the end of your life with a mountain of regrets? The things you wish you would’ve or could’ve done, but didn’t. As scary as it can be facing the unknown, not facing your fears leads to a half lived life.

So leap, jump, soar, charge and run straight towards your dreams. Find the wings you need to follow your passion. Find the notes to play the music carved into your soul. And all the while keep telling yourself, that you cannot fail.

If you get knocked down you will stand right back up and keep moving forward. You are stronger and braver than you know. Love light and blessings on the jump that awaits you. May you take flight.

xxx Chef MM

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