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Melissa Mayo

March 19, 2020


Post by Melissa Mayo


Hello my gorgeous angel. I hope this finds you well, safe and managing to stay positive with all the mayhem going on in the world. I have been off social media for the past week.

It is the only way I’ve been able to keep my energy light and not give into the fear and panic. I did a wonderful uplifting Facebook Live yesterday. Go check it out if you want a little does of joy, happiness and inspiration. I share the ways I have been staying up beat.

This is a time for humanity to learn, pray, listen, connect, rest, heal, paint, sing, dance, meditate and reflect. It is a time to turn inwards and connect to the Light that burns within our soul. Our fate is in the hands of a much Higher power. Trust that He loves all His children. He doesn’t want to harm and destroy us.

He has run this earth for centuries without needing our help. Right now He is using this time to heal us and Mother Nature. The sky is blue, the air is clear, the oceans and rivers are brimming with life and the water is clean enough to see the fish below the surface for the first time in years. Our planet is mending and so are we.

Yesterday I taped a 1 hour audio training “The 4 Strategies to Turn you Dreams into Reality”. It is based on the steps I used to manifest my home in Italy and contains actionable steps that you can begin using immediately to bring your dreams to life. So make sure you head to my website and SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter cause it is going Tuesday.

This is the first shabbat in over 71 everything will be closed in Israel. It is also the first shabbat where everyone will be home. So do your best to keep it. Bake challah, light candles 18 minutes before shabbat starts and switch off all technology for a 25 hour detox. It is said that when every Jew keeps shabbos we will welcome Moshiach. And the world could use Him right now.

And if you are not Jewish join me in taking a day off to say thank you our Creator for all the blessings we do have. A roof over our head, water, food, those we love and air flowing through our lungs. May your candles burn bright and may you only know blessings. Shabbat shalom xxx MM

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