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Melissa Mayo

December 20, 2018


Post by Melissa Mayo

This is the motto my husband lives by. He is not a big spender and he works for himself, sometimes putting in 16 hour days. He believes the only money you will never regret spending is the cash you spend on travelling.

When I met him I had barely been anywhere. But Saul is an adventurer. He likes to go new places and see new things. We have a huge map of the world in our office and we put pins all over it of the places we have visited. His goal is to see the whole world. I could keep going back to Italy.

Saul is an adrenaline junkie and he thinks we are getting older and extreme activities might be something we won’t be able to do in a few years. So he set about planning a holiday that has me scared shitless.

New Zealand and Sydney here we come. We are going to be hanging off the tallest building in Auckland, bungee jumping, going down category 5 rapids and crossing the Sydney Bridge. And did I mention I have vertigo and I am extremely risk averse.

But here is the thing. He was a trooper about using all our travel time to go to Lucca these past 2 years, when he detests going to the same place twice. So I am going to man up and try be a good sport about it. There is no guarantee I won’t pee my pants and cry,, but I am going to put on a brave face.

I am going to try and share some of our adventures in stories, but there is always the chance I just might unplug from social media to recharge.

If you are in Sydney keep the afternoon of January 3rd open for a picnic in a park near Bondi.

Wishing you a wonderful Xmas filled with love, light and blessings. See you on the other side xxx Chef MM

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