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Melissa Mayo

December 13, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Another person’s opinion is not THE truth it’s just THEIR truth.⁠

I cannot tell you how often over my life friends, family and total strangers have toldl me that my goals or dreams were crazy, ridiculous, stupid and totally impossible to achieve. ⁠

In fact when I launched my website 10 years ago with the words –“Born in South Africa, Living in Los Angeles, Retiring in Italy”, — my late mom insisted I remove this statement. She was convinced I would be the laughingstock of Johannesburg. ⁠

But I refused to listen to her or the any of the many naysayers I’ve encountered. Instead, I fixed my eyes squarely on the prize. I saw my manifestation from the finish line. I sent it daily unwavering energy for 10 straight years. ⁠

If you’ve been part of my community for a while, you will know that the last laugh is on me. I turned my vision into my reality. I now have a gorgeous home in Tuscany🇮🇹. I’m living proof that if you stay laser focused on the end goal, you will achieve it. ⁠

So I want you to stop listening to your critics and the bazillion reasons why you will fail. Only you are in charge of your destiny. You have within you the power💫 to attract anything you place inside your imagination. So don’t limit yourself based on logic, reason and what has always been.⁠

Draw up a new contact with the Universe. Get up every day and fight for the life you want. Show up and put in the work. And if you get knocked down, GET BACK UP!!! Throw those jabs and right hooks. Bob and weave, take some hits and land some punches. ⁠

But NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! Quitting is not an option!!! You will not be defeated. Get back in the ring and keep fighting until the final bell. Fly like a butterfly 🦋and sting like a bee. Emerge victorious. You got this. You are a champion xxx MM⁠

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