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Melissa Mayo

March 19, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

To all you Queens out there …Today is International Women’s day and I want to let you know that I SEE YOU.

I see you shuttling your kids around, shopping for food, cooking and putting dinner on the table and packing lunches for your family.

I see you unpacking the dishwasher, cleaning toilets and floors, taking out the trash and folding laundry day in and day out to keep your home running.

I see you showing up as a mom, daughter, wife, teacher, sister, aunt, grandmother, boss and girlfriend to support your family, tribe, co-workers, dogs, cats, children and strangers even when you are running on empty.

I see you putting others before yourself and seldom scheduling in time to take care of you.

I see you hustling hard, and doing the work needed to chase your dreams, no matter how many people tell you they are impossible.

I see you getting up at 5am or going to bed after 3, just so you can some find quiet time to follow your passions and play the music carved in your heart.

I see you building skyscrapers and standing front and center in the spotlight. And I see you using your platforms to bring about meaningful change in the world and lift others up.

I see you getting up when life knocks you for a loop and when you feel broken and shattered, but you glue your self together and keep moving forward inch by inch.

You are brave, strong, courageous, capable, unique, magnificent and gorgeous. No one can carry out the mission carved into your soul. You have got this.

No matter how hard it gets, keep showing up. Keep sharing your infectious energy, sparkle and gifts with the world. Ignite passion in those around you and remind them they are not in this alone.

A huge shout out to my late mom Eleanor who shaped the woman I am and made me a fierce warrior. Thank you to my beautiful daughter Jade, my sister Justine, my oldest friends Cindy and Joanne and my angel editor Alice for always believing in me.

To my inspiring friends, family + tribe around the world. You know who you are! Thank you for showing up + loving me. I adore you. Just remember YOU ARE ENOUGH! .You are a miracle. Go out there and set the world on fire🔥xxx MM

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