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Melissa Mayo

September 19, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

That is what the artist Henri Matisse said. And I have to agree. Each day is a new opportunity to boldy march in the direction of your dreams. I say this now. But this wasn’t always my reality. For many years I showed up for 90 hour work weeks, as a forensic fraud investigator. Cue needles being jammed into the my creative eyeballs.

But I was miserable and uninspired. I dreaded every day. And the big paycheck definitely wasn’t worth it. So I ignored the advice of my colleagues, parents and friends and I decided to follow my passion. And I am so freaking glad I did. Every day I wake up all smiles.

My yellow brick road is paved with joy, abundance, miracles manifested and brand new adventures. No more sterile office desk in a tiny windowless cubicle with flicking florescent lights. No more billing my time in 10, 15 and 20 minute increments.

Now my time is for creating. I feel alive building and doing fun projects all my own. And I have realized that if God’s voice is silence, then His language is creativity. When you are creating you are inspired from the root word inspirito. You are literally in spirit and with His help all things are possible.

So I encourage you to start creating. Paint, draw, sing, sculpt, cook, write, dance, design, play. Even if it’s just a few hours every day. Embrace the life you are destined to live. Because when you follow your bliss you will meet with success. I guarantee it xxx MM

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