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Melissa Mayo

May 30, 2019


Post by Melissa Mayo

Why Italy? I get asked this question so often?

Why did you pick this country to buy a home? And my answer is always the same. If you are asking this question you have probably never visited it.

Bella Italia is a magical kingdom all of her own. Listening to Italians talk is like hearing a melody. The words flows off their lips like Dantes poetry.

Their people are warm and inviting. They embrace the true magic that is life. Every gesture is big and bold. Their laughter and passion is intoxicating.

And they are generous to a fault. Not only would they give you the shirt off their back but they give you their most precious gift. The gift of time.

In their lives there is only the now. This sense of being present in all you do is lacking in the rest of the world. I urge you to come experience the wonders of this paradise.

It’s people, food, places and history. And once you do, you will never again ask me this question. You will know the why.

Tuscany is made up of gorgeous sunflower fields. It’s like a sky with a thousand sun’s. A picnic blanket laid out in the middle of a field of sunflowers at sunset. More splendid than a King’s ransom. Then you know you are truly home in G-d’s arms. I call her Bella Toscana

The sun rises each day and kisses the earth. It emerges from the horizon, brighter and more beautiful and showers the fields with it’s golden rays.

So too, do you rise from sleep at the dawn of a new day. You are blessed with a brand new chance to love, learn, heal, grow and share your infinite light with all humanity.

You emerge so bright, that those who live in darkness will be blinded. You will illuminate all who cross your path.

Big kisses from Lucca xxx MM

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